Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rally Sends Strong Message

Yesterday's Nassau Coliseum rally attracted  a fairly-large crowd, and it wasn't because of Blue Oyster Cult or Randy Jackson.

Make no mistake about it, labor unions came out in full-force, as they have done throughout this entire process. As I've said before, their role in this could swing the vote, don't underestimate what these guys bring to the table.

The labor aspect of this project is one of the more intriguing ones, at least from my perspective. When you think about it, the jobs we're talking about creating are for these workers. Nassau's unemployment situation couldn't get much worse, yet politicians are prepared to pass on that economic expansion, for the sake of "throwing around the political football," as one of the union leaders phrased it.

It's astonishing, it really is. Jay Jacobs may have a hefty salary, but these workers struggle to put food on their tables every day. I don't see how you can hear their side of the story, then still tell me you're voting "no."

Either way, the right messages were sent. The loudest cheers of the day were of the "Let's Go Islanders" variety, not to mention the boisterous renditions of "Build it Now."

Isles fans, it's crunch time.

This is no time to fear the reaper (no pun intended, and by reaper, I mean the arena opposition. Get out there and let your voices be heard, get everyone you know in Nassau County to vote "yes." Don't take anything for granted.

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