Friday, July 22, 2011

God Hath No Mercy: Alexei Yashin in Talks With Isles

If Alexei Yashin wants to play for the Islanders this season, there's a deal to be made. 

Both Garth Snow and Mark Gandler (Yashin's agent) confirmed that Isles have in fact placed an offer on the table, and that both Yashin and Gandler are "seriously considering" it.

I can't say I'm completely surprised. 

When the Islanders bought out the remainder of his contract, Yashin would often skate around the rink at Iceworks in Syosset, and his relationship with team owner Charles Wang remained a strong one. So I always knew there was an outside chance that he could end up back on Long Island. 

My question is, why now and for what purpose? 

Yes, the Isles still have to pay him either way, so there's no financial risk involved, and, in a sense, they don't really have anything to lose. Having said that, this team already has four centers (Tavares, Nielsen, Bailey, Reasoner), and if Yashin returned, Bailey would likely get moved over to the wing, and probably on the 3rd line. 

What does that do for anyone?

If the Islanders want any shot in hell to try and develop Josh Bailey, putting him on the 3rd line, where he's not going to get enough playing time or be with more talented forwards, isn't going to help. In fact, I don't really want Yashin to take ice time away from any of the team's younger forwards. 

Maybe he's got more left in the tank than we think he does. Until he proves otherwise, Isles fans have every right to remain skeptical. 

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