Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Complaints That Won't Go Away

If you haven't yet heard about MSG's decision to air that infamous Isles/Pens game, and the Islanders' decision to host a viewing party for it, you probably live in a cave.

And, if you live in Pittsburgh or watch CNN regularly, you've definitely heard about it.

That's right....CNN....that was put in there intentionally, as this re-run clearly has more importance than, I don't know...the Mid-East crisis, the War on Terror and the economic recession.

I've said just about everything that needed to be, back on February the 11th. I don't intend to repeat myself, but do feel it's necessary given the circumstances.

MSG is not airing this game so that Islander fans can relish in the sight of Matt Martin grabbing an unsuspecting player from behind. They are airing this game, so that Isles rooters can re-live the fantastic offensive display their team put on that night.

After all, it's not every day your favorite squad lights the lamp 9 times in a single game. That's as true for the Islanders as it is for the Detroit Red Wings.

I will venture to say that Penguin fans completely ignore the fact that various players on their team had been taking runs at Mikko Koskinen throughout the entire game, and, in general, Isles' players, particularly some of the young stars like John Tavares, had been the recipients of some dangerous hits all season long.

This was simply the straw that broke the camel's back. This group was sick and tired of other teams getting away with such antics, and if the NHL wouldn't defend them and they weren't going to be respected, the Islanders were going to make a statement.

I do not fully-condone the Isles' behavior that night, but I'm still amazed that the Pittsburgh Penguins, who took part in the violence themselves, got off unscathed by the League.

Those goons from Long Island really were a disgrace, weren't they?

How could they attack such an innocent Pens team that, not only led the league in penalty minutes and fighting majors at the time, but also employ the dirtiest player in hockey, who has ruined a handful of careers and has set others' careers back, in Matt Cooke?

But what bothers me the most, is that despite all of the success this franchise and its fans have enjoyed in recent years, they still love to complain. Not just about the Islanders, but about so many other teams, players, referees, you name it.

Pittsburgh fans, get a clue.

Your team has won not one, not two, but THREE Stanley Cups since 1992, the most recent one coming in 2009. You have the opportunity to watch two of the best players in the NHL, Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin (I know, Crosby's injured. Excuse me while I get out my violin.) You've had the chance to watch other greats over the years, like Mario, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, even one of OUR heroes, Bryan Trottier. You have a brand new arena in which to watch hockey games.

In sum, we don't feel bad for you, not one bit.

It's time to get over something that happened six months ago. It's really sad and pathetic that you've demonstrated a clear inability to do so.

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